Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Noisy Junk

I cleared out my desk today. Yes, I’m done with second year. At our school, like many medical schools, only first and second year students get assigned desk space. As third- and fourth-years, you move around with your clinical rotations, engaged in a more nomadic academic life. So today, I officially gave up my home. Actually, I was supposed to clear out my desk and turn in my key last Friday after I finished my final, but it somehow slipped my mind in the excitement of being half-done with medical school.
There was really nothing much to clear out. My friends know I rarely study at school, and most of what was left was junk. I threw everything away, except for a dozen drumsticks which I found housed in a bottom drawer. This made me smile because it seemed funny that someone would stow a pile of drumsticks in their desk.
The sticks were from a skit my friends and I put on for Keck’s talent show earlier this year. We called ourselves “Noisy Junk,” which is a great name for a ragtag group of amateur street percussionists. Imagine a band of medical students eager to beat out their angst on trash bins and paint buckets, and you pretty much get the point. I actually got blisters on my hands from rehearsing, and lost one of my drumsticks mid-act when I got carried away in the frenzy that was our finale.
So hauling these sticks back to my car seemed to nicely sum up the year. You work hard, endure, and hope that when you lose yourself in the whirlwind, it’s for something worthwhile. And when it’s over with, when the details are long-forgotten, hopefully you can look back and smile. I dropped one of my sticks while walking to my car and the thing clattered down a flight of stairs before rolling to a stop. You know, I’m still learning that when sticks go a-flying mid-act, sometimes you just have to take comfort in the fact that life never came with a script—just hope no one takes a stick to the face and slide back in rhythm with the next measure. The show certainly does go on, and damn, does it go fast.


  1. reminds me of a TV show's season finale, like Friday Night Lights. i found a bottle of tabasco in my desk. i'll give it to you for a pair of drumsticks

  2. Congrats on finishing 2nd year Jay!!!


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