Monday, July 25, 2011


I don’t like new highlighters. I rely on good highlighters to carry me through medical school’s wordy and often cryptic prose. In a literal and beautiful way, highlighters add color. Add balance. But new can be frustrating. Yes, new embodies the anticipation of unraveling long-awaited treasures on the eve of change. New is progress, growth, flourish and potential, all waiting to be uncapped. But new is also awkward.
It’s a green excitement that bleeds through your pages with good intentions—where subtleties are underscored with thick lumbering strokes yearning for a more seasoned grace. But that grace is not today. No, today my newness remains emerald in approach yet spinach in execution. Bold in enthusiasm, but slim in experience. With patience, with work, I have faith that green can one day soften into sage. But today, green is still green. It bleeds, it stains, it awaits tomorrow. This is the experience of learning—learning to provide, to perform, to care, and to comfort. Learning to highlight. Green is the journey of medicine as a third-year student.

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