About Me

I am a graduate of the Keck School of Medicine (woohoo!) and now a first year resident at the University of Washington.  I love writing, and first initiated this site when I was applying to medical school. This blog is the child of both my frustration and love for medicine. It is a retreat in some ways, from the books and the biology. And it is my small attempt to move my lopsided thinking from the analytical into the creative and artful. I grew up in Florida and spent most of my later childhood in San Diego. I've always been close to the beach and I feel that good writing is like the tide and breeze of the ocean. Fluid, refreshing, and boundless. My profile picture was taken at Torrey Pines State Park on a hike overlooking the beach. It is one of my favorite hikes.

Email: jay.zhu@skippingabeat.com

I welcome all emails.  Of course, please feel free to post comments and questions on my blog.  I read all your comments and appreciate everyone's feedback.  Thanks!

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