Inside the Beat

How did Skipping a Beat start?  Back in the winter of 2008, I was applying for medical school after graduating from Duke (Go Blue Devils!). Waist-deep in application essays and general anxiety, I decided to take pause from my existential crisis and do some writing.  Thus, my first post was born.  This blog was initially titled "A Mind's Rhythm" and later became "Skipping a Beat" as my writing and my life took a more medical slant. 

Why can't I read your entire post?  Make sure you click the "continue reading" button at the end of each post, or simply click the title of the piece to read each entry in its entirety.

Do you write all your posts?  How come your writing style changes?  I am a goof at heart and this is my playground.  I enjoy the freedom to hop, skip, and run however and wherever I like, because my mom never taught me any better.  So sometimes I will laugh while shooting down the slide, and other times I will just sit and ponder atop the monkey bars.  Sadly, I've never been any good at tether ball.

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